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• Browlift (Forehead Lift)
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"...Dr Pearson is immaculate in his approach. He will tell you what will or will not work which is the kind of trust you want when someone is working on your face...."
—actual RealSelf patient

With aging our foreheads and thus our brows naturally begin to drop. This has the unfortunate effect of making the face look not only older, but also potentially more sinister, aggressive, and "mean-looking". For women, it can even make the face look less feminine.

A browlift, also known as a forehead lift, is designed to reverse those signs and restore the upper face to a more pleasant and youthful appearance. When done properly and appropiately a browlift looks very natural. Dr. Pearson takes great pains to avoid creating that "startled" or "surprised" deer-in-the-headlights look that patients sometimes fear.

"Browlifts should never leave patients looking startled or overdone..."
—David C. Pearson, M.D.

A browlift can be performed as a singular procedure, but it can also be a nice addition to eyelid surgery, lower facelift, and other cosmetic facial plastic surgery procedures.

Browlift at Pearson Facial Plastic Surgery®If you've been researching browlift (forehead lift), you've probably heard about different techniques such endoscopic browlift, coronal browlift, trichophytic browlift, pretrichial browlift, etc. Dr. Pearson is trained in and performs all of the major styles of browlift but tends to prefer the temporal (a.k.a., bitemporal) browlift, endoscopic browlift, and trichophytic browlift.

These each have slightly different pros and cons, but all of these approaches allow for natural results with well-concealed, nearly invisible scars (yes, even the endoscopic browlift or "endobrow" lift leaves scars). The specific approach for you will depend on the unique aspects of your anatomy and Dr. Pearson will review this with you in detail at your consultation in our Fleming Island, Florida office.

Frequently Asked Questions about Browlifts:
  • What happens if I proceed with browlift surgery ("forehead lift")?
If Dr. Pearson feels that you are a good candidate for a browlift and you feel that results he expects to achieve coincide with your desires then several things will need to be arranged for your surgery. Pre-operative photographs, sometimes routine lab work, a physical exam, and various paperwork will need to be completed. Typically a second visit is then arranged shortly before your surgery date. This will allow you time to think over the many things discussed in your initial consultation, and it will allow you time to have additional questions or concerns answered.
  • Where is the browlift surgery performed?
Dr. Pearson performs most of his surgery at Fleming Island Surgery Center or Middleburg Surgery Center. Both are state-licensed outpatient surgical facilities fully accredited by the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care). Both locations are close to his office (and a conveniently short drive from Jacksonville, Florida). Both facilities offer excellent safety while also providing the privacy and convenience patients desire.
  • What kind of anesthesia is required for a forehead lift? Is it "outpatient"?
In most cases rhinoplasty is performed on an out-patient basis under general anesthesia, meaning that you will be completely asleep for the procedure. Modern anesthesia techniques have tremendously improved the safety and comfort of general anesthesia and we have found that most patients prefer this option. Most patients go home a few hours after their procedure. You will not be allowed to drive for the first 24 hours, and we insist that you have a responsible adult with you for the first night.
  • How long does a browlift take?
Because of the custom nature of cosmetic surgery, exact times cannot be given. However, a browlift usually takes about one to two hours. Dr. Pearson should be able to give you a better estimate at the time of your consultation.
  • When are the follow-up visits after forehead lift?
In many cases you will be seen in the office the day after surgery and again at about six days and nine days post-op. Dr. Pearson also likes to see patients six weeks, three months, and one year after forehead/brow surgery. These are at no charge to you and more visits may be necessary. Yearly follow-up after the first year is appreciated but not essential.
  • Is browlift covered by my insurance carrier?
Browlift is almost always done for cosmetic reasons and therefore is not covered by insurance. There are some exceptions when done as part of reconstruction for certain types of facial paralysis. Check with your insurance carrier for a personalized determination. Or call us for more details.
  • I've heard there are different approaches to browlifts or forehead lifts. Which does Dr. Pearson use?
  • What should I expect after browlift? How long will I be off from work? How long will it take to heal?
Everyone heals individually, and no two people will have exactly the same procedure. We caution patients that the timelines for recovery are rough guides only. Generally, you can go back to work as soon as you feel able, which is generally within a few days, but most patients will take one to two weeks off. Engaging in strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting should be avoided for two weeks after your browlift. Bruises typically occur around the eyes rather than the brow itself and will have faded by about 14 days. Incisions are usually hidden in the hair-bearing areas of the scalp to make them nearly imperceptible. Total healing of any surgical scars can take up to a year, but even early on browlift incisions are not usually that noticeable.

Browlifting, when done properly can often make a huge improvement to a person's appearance. For more information about browlifting and cosmetic facial plastic surgery here in Fleming Island, FL, Orange Park, and the greater Jacksonville, Florida area, please contact us or call (904) 215-7377 to schedule an appointment.