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Making sense of the dizzying number of skin care products on the market can be overwhelming. So called "anti-aging" compounds and other "cosmeceuticals" are often wildly over-hyped in the media and by sales people. Not uncommonly, therefore, our patients turn to us for advice on which products might be of benefit to them.

In this section, we'll review some of the skin care products that we offer though Pearson Facial Plastic Surgery and their features and benefits. We have purposely chosen to keep our selection limited only to those skin care products that we've personally tested and found to have high patient satisfaction and good science behind them.

Clarisonic PRO Skin Care Brush®:

Keep your skin looking young, vibrant, and healthy with the Clarisonic PRO Skin Care Brush. Clarisonic PRO Skin Care Brush This powerful but gentle device clears your pores for better cleansing and better absorption of your other skin care products.

The unique Clarisonic brush works by oscillating back and forth at 300 cycles per second through 10° of rotation. This action clears away dirt, grime, and makeup and exfoliates dead skin cells resulting in skin that's cleaner and smoother than with traditional washing. And because it avoids the use of drying chemicals or harsh abrasives, it's gentle enough for sensitive skin.

We also like its convenience: it takes only 60 seconds, twice a day. And it's rechargeable and waterproof, so can easily use it in the shower, too. And we say "we" because the staff of Pearson Facial Plastic Surgery own Clarisonic brushes themselves. In fact, it was their positive reviews of it that convinced Dr. Pearson to recommend it to his patients. Here's just some of what our staff has said about the Clarisonic brush:

"Clarisonic gets my skin so clean that I no longer use a toner, which has eliminated the dry patches of skin around my nose."

"The Clarisonic brush makes my skin feel softer and smoother than with any other product I've tried."

"Clarisonic is a great addition to my current skin care routine. The products I've always used seem to work better now."

Clarisonic Makeup Study

Men will love it, too, particularly as an adjunt to their shaving routine. A majority of men reported a smoother shave with less irritation and fewer incidents of "razor rash" when they kept their skin conditioned with Clarisonic.

For daily routine skin care, and especially for patients who are using other skin care treatments and topical medications, the Clarisonic PRO Skin Care Brush makes a lot of sense. Watch the video below to see Clarisonic in action or call our office to speak to one of our staff about getting your own.

Download the Clarisonic Pro User Manual (216KB)

M.D. Forte®: (Glycolic acid lotions and creams)
For several years now, glycolic acid compounds have been found useful for exfoliating the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. M.D. Forte Glycolic Acid Lotion III These natural fruit acids become progressively more effective at increasing concentrations. And while many over-the-counter cosmetics advertise that they contain glycolic acid, their concentrations are typically too low to achieve any meaningful effect.

M.D. Forte®, however, goes beyond these over-the-counter cosmetics by offering more meaningful concentrations of glycolic acid—as high as 30% for home use by the patient. As a result, though, M.D. Forte® is only available through a physician's office such as ours, where an appropriate strength and regimen can be determined. For more information, call us at 904-215-7377 or e-mail us, and be sure to check out

Dermacia MD (a.k.a., Lycogel™): (Concealer and camouflage makeup)
Forget having to hide from your friends or having to stay home from work after your procedure. If one of your concerns is downtime related to bruising or redness, we now offer an excellent product specifically designed for post-op camouflage. Dermacia MD a.k.a. Lycogel Concealer - Skin Care And here's the key: unlike regular makeup, Dermacia MD (formerly branded as Lycogel™) can be applied directly to a surgical incision, a chemical peel area, or an injection site immediately after the procedure.

It's an oil-free, silica gel-based concealer and camouflage designed to allow air and moisture though to enhance wound healing (the problem with most makeup is that they contain oils, creams, or minerals that inhibit oxygen delivery and many also contain alcohol-based preservatives that can further decrease oxygen as well as dry the skin and cause irritation). It also contains PABA-free SPF 15 sunscreen, is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, and water-resistant. We especially recommend it for:

Again, call us with any questions at 904-215-7377 or e-mail us, for more about Dermacia MD (Lycogel™).

OC Eight™ Mattifying gel: (a.k.a., OC8™, OC-8™, OC-Eight™)
OC Eight (OC8) Mattifying Gel - Skin CareDefy shine. If you are like the 1 in 3 women who experience facial shine from skin that is too oily, you're going to love this product. OC8™ (OC-Eight™) helps you achieve an even-toned, beautifully matte skin—but not by drying the skin (which could compromise natural skin moisture). Rather, it works by trapping up to six times its volume in oil using Acrysorb® micro-particles.

OC8™ (OC-Eight™) controls facial shine for up to 8 hours, and avoids that greasy look that can magnify the appearance of redness and other minor skin blemishes. Once applied it is invisible to the naked eye and can be used directly under your everyday oil-free makeup. Note to Clinac OC users: You're in luck! Since Clinac OC has been discontinued, we're recommending that patients turn to OC Eight for their oil control needs instead. Call us for more details at 904-215-7377 or e-mail us, and read more about this terrific product at

As we find unique skin care products that provide good value to our patients, we will continue to add to this list. But it's likely that this list will remain small—in order to be included, we like to see products that are backed by good science, not hype, and provide safe, noticeable, and real benefits.

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